Why I Get Excited When I Turn Over Scary Tarot Cards

If you've spent any time playing with or discovering Tarot, you know there are a handful of cards with some ominous energy. For example, the Tower, Death, Nine of Swords, or the Five of Cups all have an undertone of unintended loss and a serious helping of suffering. Most people hold their breath and hope they don’t get these cards in their spread. However, whenever I am sitting with someone and one of these cards appears in a reading, I get a rush of excitement. You might ask why. Am I some kind of glutton for punishment? Of course not! I get excited because these cards almost always herald gigantic transformations that have the potential to be life changing and revolutionary. Either, that new energy is coming in or you have just made your way through the dark night of the soul, and more power to you! These darker, more intense cards hold the seeds for new relationships, new careers, new energies, and new self-love. They hold all of the potential that is brimming inside of our hearts. They demand that we let go of that fear-filled ego voice that whispers to us that we’re not good enough and can never go beyond our self-perceived limitations. These cards promise a change with the slightest shift in perception. They show us the way to letting go of old habits or situations. They show us a path to healing our deep wounds and spending some caring time on those sore spots.

These cards ask that we delve into the shadows lurking within our minds. They ask us to sit with that small child that felt abandoned decades before. Or to look at the damaging self-talk we inflict on ourselves without even realizing we are doing it. They ask us to look at destructive relationships in our past, forgive, and forge healthier bonds.

The Five of Cups is a perfect example of this type of transformational energy. The card confronts us with the realization that we have been looking at our lives with a glass-half-empty mentality. The figure is shrouded in heavy cloak, shoulders slumped, with the face intently gazing at three spilled cups.

However, when this card shows up in a reading it means my client is ready to turn toward the two upright cups behind the figure on the card. Not only are there opportunities sitting right beside them, but they lead the way to a bridge, and the potential new horizons just across the river. It’s that first nudge in a bright new direction.

The Tower card also creates an atmosphere of chaos, uncertainty, loss, and destruction. However, this card might be one of my favorite ones to pull because it is that lightning strike moment when revelations occur. It’s that moment God taps you on the shoulder and says, “Hey, I have some new plans for you and they are going to blow your old perceptions of what was possible away.” Elizabeth Gilbert once quoted a friend that said, “The truth will set you free, after it’s had it’s way with you.” The Tower card comes with the realization old things must be destroyed, which can feel pretty tough in the moment but which produces the greatest rewards.

If you’re ready to turn over some scary Tarot cards and hang out with your shadows and show them some love send me a message. But, who knows? Maybe you’ll have all the sparkly, pretty cards in your spread.

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