Why Does Tarot Work?

In my humble opinion, Tarot readings aren’t some kind of quick fix, divining method where I tell you all about your life and what will happen next, and voila! You’re enlightened! Instead, this magical, deeply spiritual tradition is about connecting with your higher self and learning to merge all the parts of your being so you can accomplish and experience your wildest dreams. It also frees you so you can let go of old patterns and beliefs that have been slowing you down.

When I pull Tarot cards for a client, I silent my mind and focus in on Spirit. I am directed to the cards that feel good in my hand, like they are calling to me, like they are asking to be turned over. There’s an element of psychic wonder going on in that process, where I connect deeply with you and with the energy of Spirit. All three of us are working together to create some harmonious magic that’s quite unlike anything else because all the elements are explicitly present to lift you up and open new doors.

Things start to get interesting as soon as we turn over those cards and the story unfolds. Tarot cards are deep reflections of the collective unconscious. They represent the all the stories, lessons, and facets of our beings, even the ones we are convinced nobody else can see. I see these stories unfold in the cards, and also receive subtle messages about what these cards are really telling me about your spirit and your beautiful journey.

This can be a startling process. Sometimes the cards reveal an entire shadow tucked away deep inside, one that has been sabotaging our relationships with money or family or work. Often it’s a shadow we didn’t realize we have been carrying with us for decades, and that has been slowly eating away at our peace of mind and our biggest dreams.

Tarot only works because a client is ready to sit with these old wounds and patterns. The beautiful healing power of these cards helps illuminate all the potential, gifts, and hard lessons that need attention and acknowledgement.

I always say, the Tarot cards are simply a tool to help you do the most important soul work so you can so you can become your truest, most vibrant self. When you do a reading with me, it isn’t so I can just sit there and give you a vague fortune. We turn over those cards and we get into the depth of these messages and I help you to merge, accept, and listen to your own inner wisdom.

We develop a path forward that is informed by Spirit, by the cards, and by what these cards light up for you in your soul and in your subconscious mind. You are the wisest being because you are a part of that larger spirit, or God, or universe (I use all of these because they are all beautiful. Stick with what feels natural to you). Intuitively, the Tarot cards will hit big nerves inside of yourself, and you’ll find yourself connecting the dots and uncovering truths and stories about your past and your beliefs.

As this process continues, I am there with you, helping to decode, discuss, and listen to you.

If you need some guidance from Spirit, from your own inner voice, and from me, sign up for a reading and we can start this journey together.

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