Why I Believe in the Greater Magic

I grew up in a household that never explained the supernatural, mystical world to me. My father is a scientist, grounded in the belief of a relentless physical world ruled over by unforgiving natural laws that can’t be overridden. My mom took my sister and me to church every Sunday. There, we were told about a man who lived 2,000 years ago and was killed because of blood money, betrayal, empire, and the general lack of goodness in humankind.

If only those spiritual leaders had bothered to engage with the mystical traditions at the core of Jesus’s story. We are all children of the divine, love is already within us, and the journey of resurrection is in forgiveness, open-heartedness, and reaching out our hand to other beings. The real story of Jesus is that we are inherently good but we have to take the time to listen for the divine in the day-to-day and to manifest spirit through our own experiences.

Neither of my parent’s approaches to existence answered the secret questions I had. Why did I wake up and see blue, ethereal figures sitting on the edge of my bed? What were the crystal clear, triple knocks that sounded outside my bedroom wall when I tried to fall asleep for years on end? Why did people who had passed on come into my room, make me feel like I was sleeping in the Arctic Circle, and then ask me to tell their stories with haunting eyes and images I can never forget?

I hid these questions and experiences for most of my life. I was ashamed of them because no one took them seriously. If you pick up any modern psychology book on consciousness, the authors tend to ridicule anyone who says they have the ability to experience the spiritual world. I didn’t want to lose my friends, or the respect of my family members and colleagues. I was flat out embarrassed that I had even experienced these things.

As I have grown older and seen a little more of the world, I have realized that the very thing that made me feel ashamed was the thing everyone needs. We all desire and crave a little bit more love, mystery, and magic. The world holds many mysteries, and one of them is the message that love and spirit suffuses everything. But that voice is soft and quiet and gentle. It does not bellow over the noise of consumerism, fear, anger or lackluster common sense.

It lingers in the silence, in the quiet repose, in the true self-care of meditation, therapy, and shadow work. It is wise beyond measure.

I know this to be true. I know a greater wisdom reigns over this often chaotic world. I do this work because I believe in you and I believe in a deeper vision that can manifest in this visual, physical world. Wouldn’t it be great if we opened that invitation to the mystical, magical world into this grounded world? It takes courage to embrace your personal magic because it is so often shunned by stories of the consumerist world.

But know that I believe in your magic in your very core, in the center of your soul. I also believe there is enough for everyone and we can learn to share it in little ways every day. I want to see it and help you share your special gifts with the world!

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