Every suit has a particular area of life that it is asking us to heal and expand. Pentacles tends to be a suit that challenges pretty much everyone. And that's because it is the suit that deals with MONEY! Which means that it is the most directly tied to our internal ideas self-worth and the image we present to the rest of the world.

When these two things (internal self-worth and external effort) are in alignment we are in tune with the law of attraction. So, it's crucial to absorb the grounded, practical and caring energy of the earth suit as soon as possible. The rest will follow.

How do we begin to unfold this complex suit? Here are four major themes to think about in your daily routine.

1. Work-life balance.

Many of the cards in pentacles, such as the Two of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles and the Page of Pentacles, deal directly with how we work and play. If you tend to work long hours and fail to spend time with your partner, children, or just on yourself having a nice bubble bath, your work and spirit will suffer over time.

If you're deeply ingrained in a work situation (I'm looking at you Virgos and Capricorns out there) you might also become focused on amassing wealth but never taking the time to spend some of your money on those you love and on experiences that would enrich your world view (this is Four of Pentacles energy). That problem leads directly to the next theme.

2. Sharing and Collaboration.

Much of our self-worth is tied to how we connect with the rest of humanity. Part of gaining success, such as the King of Pentacles has amassed, means sharing it with others. Sharing your spoils with family and those in need keeps these riches in balance. Collaborating with your co-workers and community is another form of sharing your intellectual and heart-centered gifts.

As with everything, what goes around comes around. If you send out your gifts, they will return to you threefold.

3. Establishing Healthy Boundaries There is, however, such a thing as giving too much. If you have a lot of Virgo energy and you constantly want to serve others and make them feel comfortable, it might be time to put the brakes on that tendency. Sometimes we can sacrifice our own health and well-being in the name of making others happy. This will always end in exhaustion. It also tends to indicate that our sense of self-worth is out of balance and we feel we need to do for others in order to feel worthwhile. Setting up healthy boundaries and taking time for self-care is essential to a healthy relationship with work and money. Try putting away your electronics one day a week and don't answer every email within 5 minutes. 4. Creating a Healthy Work Routine Finally, the pentacles suit is really asking us to get grounded and do the work. If we want to write the Great American Novel, lose 10 pounds, or expand our businesses we have to invest the work. That means coming up with a healthy work routine. The Seven and the Eight of Pentacles reflects this type of dedicated, tried-and-true work ethic to see our dreams manifest into the material realm.

All of these themes center back on the Ace of Pentacles, which ties the heavenly realm with our material world. That balance remains the crucial point in a beautiful life and why the Pentacles suit is one of the most healing cycle of cards.

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