If there's one suit in the entire Tarot deck that scares people, it always seems to be swords. The visuals alone are enough to produce a feeling of ominous despair. Swords trap people, hang over their heads, and pierce hearts throughout this suit. Many of the images have blindfolded women or the use of swords as devastating weapons, such as the Nine of Swords where the man is literally stabbed in the back and lying in a pool of his own blood. The Queen of Swords is even known as the Widow Card.

However, Swords cards hold the key to your own liberation. These cards almost always refer back to our mental state and the deepest tales we tell ourselves about our worth, our abilities, and our closest relationships.

Self-limiting beliefs and fears have a tendency to sneak into our dreams and our waking life. They stop us from going up on stage to sing that karaoke song, apply for our dream job, or ask out that mutual friend that makes our hearts skip a beat.

Swords also dig into the interpersonal elements of our lives that we might have been avoiding. Is your partner acting aloof? Is your team environment at work tense? Are you avoiding your best friend but you can't put your finger on why? These cards often direct us to do the hard work of getting real about damaging relationships or habits that start in the mind and end up becoming a part of the manifested world.

Here are four ways that the Swords can help you move forward, instead of staying trapped:

1. Let Go of Outdated Stories About Your Self-Worth First and foremost this suit is telling you to clear your mind and start thinking more positively. Fears, nightmares, and worries only hold you back from healing and moving forward. Do some meditation, get into a healthy sleep pattern, and put the alcohol away so that you can think more clearly. Then start rewriting your internal monologue so that you are more deeply in alignment with your inner child and your higher purpose.

2. Spend Time Communicating Address issues in your personal relationships and sit down to have those challenging discussions. This suit represents air, and therefore the mind and communication. Think of Libras and Geminis. They generally love talking and communicating. Sit down with your partner and talk about your barriers and wounds. Schedule a meeting with your coworker, or call that friend that has been on your mind but you haven't talked to in a month. You'll feel better and understand the subtexts in your relationships.

3. Open Up to New Possibilities Swords cut through old expectations and scenarios. The Ace of Swords heralds insightful new habits, getting rid of unhealthy relationships, and moving forward. That sword also appears in the Justice card and suggests that the truth will become apparent, so get into it! Face up to your deepest fears and do the mental work. 4. Meditate and Journal Because the swords suit is so wrapped up in the mental landscape, it's time to sit down and do some homework. Keep a daily journal and write about how you're feeling as honestly as possible. Meditate and incorporate a healing mantra. Write down your dreams and consider the lessons they are trying to teach you.

Swords will set you free, but they demand a complete mental and communication makeover. That's what makes this suit so scary, and yet, possibly the most enlightening of the deck.

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