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Tools for finding and living your imagined horizon.

 Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm an intuitive tarot reader, trained historian, artist, and internal explorer. I serve as a comforting, supportive bridge between this very practical, physical world and the magical, unseen world that resides within and around us at all times. And I'm here to spark some inspiration and curiosity about that internal magic. For years, I longed for readings and guidance utilizing tarot and astrology that would help me feel safe, loved, and present with myself. I wanted to feel calmer and more present as I moved through life, rather than more worried or superstitious. It seemed like there were plenty of readings telling me what to look out for and how to protect myself from the vicious world around me. But it didn't feel like the deepest truth. And I realized about a decade ago I was going to have to create that feeling and that community myself.

The tools and resources you find here are designed to empower your inner intuitive wisdom, help you feel comfortable using tools like tarot and astrology, and getting to know me just a little better. I hope your time here feels like a deep breath in or a moment in the sun.



I share tarot and astrology basics, personal reflections, and essays about my own journey here. A great place to refresh and restart.





Need some tools to help you focus, journal, or meditate? Here's a great place to start. 



More resources, a supportive community, and a way to dive deeper.

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