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Why join


I always dreamed of being able to feel safe and comforted when I sat down with tarot and astrology but it felt like there weren't any spaces that offered the compassionate, calm wisdom I knew was waiting in these archetypes and tools. And that's what my Patreon is all about. Offering a safe, beautiful space for highly sensitive souls to explore existing and feeling. If you want extra support, a great community of compassionate, sensitive people, and resources for every season of life you can find me on Patreon.


Every month you get:

- 4 weekly Magical Astrology updates

- 2 monthly moon activations

- Worksheets for major planetary retrogrades and adjusting to new transits

- In-depth discussions about astrology

- Personal updates from me about my own journey

- Surprise lives so we can all connect more!

- And all sorts of little treats

This community is ideal for someone who wants to dream big, connect and feel it all!


And you'll be supporting me in a way that regularly melts my heart.

Here's a little sneak peek at how we hang out in this beautiful space:

Click here to join me and get started!

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